I'm April D. Kowalski-Milbrodt. I graduated from Hermiston High in 1990, Hermiston College of Beauty in 1995, and DPSST in Monmouth, Oregon in 1999.
I have a well rounded career including Nendels Fine Dining  (Front Desk Manager / Specialist), Lamb Weston food processing as a lead, approximately 7 years in Customer Service and Accounting, 26 years now as a Cosmetologist (9 years at Styling Arena, and 17 years as owner of The Main Stylin' Nook), and 5 years as a correctional officer at EOCI and Umatilla County Jail.
I was born and raised in Hermiston, Oregon and resided in Stanfield 27 years. I have eight children, Shaun, Tyler, Stephanie, Mickey, Michelle, Kayla, Stephanie, Bethanie, and Anthony too!.  Stephanie and Bethanie are my biological daughters.  I have 10 grandchildren now.
My business and kids are a constant juggling act.
Besides my business and my children, I enjoy crocheting, reading, my dogs cats, and two little ladies (my pet milfer hens), 4-wheeling, and camping.
My many other activities include the Stanfield 4th of July Celebration, Kenra Professional with the Rapunzel Project (5 years), Locks-of-Love (14 years now), 10 years on the Little League board, coached soccer and baseball / softball, High School Survey Board, High School Committee board, Team Mom, Classroom Mom and wherever else I'm needed.
What motivates me to be a great hairdresser? Originally it was a quick way to go to school, get an education and be available to raise my kids. Being a local and the variety of experience I've had prior to being a cosmetologist helped and before I knew it, it all just fell into place.  I ended up building a business that represents my values, goals, and desires for my family.  And I'm good at it!  I care!
There have been lots of life's lessons and bumps along the way, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I love my kids, my salon family, and my community and friends. I am one lucky lady and truly blessed. I'm motivated by how I've touched peoples lives and how they've touched mine. When they leave my salon they feel better.  Whatever they are looking for, they leave with. That is very rewarding. I provide a place where each person who walks through the door, through their contributions can claim part ownership in what we have created in this salon. I couldn't have done any of it without the village and experiences I had along the way. 
I leased our original location June 2022, and we have moved to a smaller more intimate location that accomidates my clients and myself as we move on to the next chapter and phases of our lives, freeing me up to spend more time with my grandbabies & family.
My salon's "heart beat" are the clients who walk through our doors, without a doubt, and I never want to ever forget that.

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